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Lakeridge Heights Locksmith Store Lakeridge Heights, CT 860-365-2053Running a business is a hectic activity, what with so many papers, documents, pen drives and computer stationeries that have to be properly stored in file cabinets.  The foremost objective of an owner is to secure the above mentioned assets behind the foolproof security of modern locks, but imagine if you lost the key to the file cabinets. The elusive presentation document or the secondary storage device will not be available and that may hold up important meetings as well as other business commitments. Sometimes, you may lose the good will of the clients just because of a seemingly trivial cabinet lockout. Call Lakeridge Heights Locksmith Store for assistance in instead of getting frustrated with despair. We are one of the best in the business with proven credentials in unlocking file cabinet day in and day out, so you can contact us any time to get immediate assistance.

Types of cabinet locks:

Broadly classified into two categories, the cabinet locks are either keyed or keyless. Let analyze each of them in detail:

  • Key-based locks:

One of the most popular locks belonging to the category of key-based versions is the good old fashioned pin tumbler and is known for providing impeccable protection to the contents in the file cabinets. Even if the key is lost, we ensure that the lock is opened with a non-invasive procedure that does not damage the external body of the cabinet. 

  • Keyless locks:

The second category, although new, is based on latest technology such as remote control tech, electronic systems and more. Some of the security systems are keyless providing operational comfort to the clients but what if they suddenly malfunction? Would you call a novice for unlocking file cabinet ? Well, in such cases you may like to rely on ace locksmiths instead of amateurs, who in spite of noble intentions, might end up wrecking the lock or the cabinet.

Contact Lakeridge Heights Locksmith Store for unlocking file cabinet:

Business enterprises in the area should not waste their time in connecting with other vendors because the quality and affordability of our services are still unmatched. To add spice to our already beefed up presence, we use cutting edge technology tools for unlocking file cabinet as quickly as possible with little or no loss to business. With us at the helm, you will be assured that a locked down cabinet will never be a reason for a missed presentation or important business meeting.

So, whenever you are in distress call us on 860-365-2053 for unlocking file cabinets . Our professionals are available 24/7 to pay heed to your concerns.